Tournament rules

  • Cash prizes can be divided.
  • The champion of the tournament and of each section will be determined by tiebreak if necessary.
  • Prizes cannot be cumulated.
  • One prize per player.
  • Weighted score will be used to establish best woman - cadet - senior - junior
  • The game on the first two boards of the open section will be shown live on site
  • 10 games from the open section will be shown live on our website :
  • All results will be posted after each round on chess-results :
  • The tournament champion will receive the emblematic Jean-Coutu Cup.
  • The first place of each section will receive a souvenir plaque.
  • Cadence : 40 moves / 75min + 30 min to mate + 30 seconds per move
  • The Open section is rated FIDE-FQE- CFC.
  • The other sections are rated FQE-CFC / Section E is rated FQE-CFC- CFC
  • Payment by cheque (before 10/03) : Club d’échecs de Varennes : CP #,175 rue St-Anne, Varennes, QC J3X 1T5.
  • Payment online through Paypal on Club d’échecs de Varennes’ website :
  • Payment at Strategy Games until 10/03 (argent comptant) située au 3423 St-Denis à Montréal
  • On-site registration end on Oct 6 at 6:15 PM.
  • On-site registration fee: +$20 for everyone except GMs.
  • Free for GMs at all times.
  • Free for FMs and IMs before 09/15/17, then $30.
  • $45 for National Masters. Add 20$ on site.
  • $10 discount for military members before 09/15/17, then regular price.
  • $10 for cadets (U16) and unrated, except for section E. Only one discount per player.
  • $5 off for participants of the Quebec Youth Chess Championship. Offer ends on 09/01.
  • $10 off for participants of the Quebec Women Chess Championship. Offer ends on 09/01.
  • Quebec Youth Championship and Quebec Women Championship discounts cannot be cumulated
  • Winners of the Quebec Youth Championship (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18) get a free registration.
  • Unrated players(except cadets U16) are only eligible to section D, in which they can win at most $100.
  • Section E is exclusive to cadets (U16), with a rating under 1200, or unrated.
  • U1200 cadets can play in section D without paying a play-up fee.
  • FIDE rating is used for pairings in the open section.
  • No refunds after 09/15/2017 .
  • $25 play-up fee for all sections.
  • Cancellation fees of $20.
  • Only registrations coming with full payment will be considered
  • Maximum rating of a player cannot exceed by more than 100 the upper limit of the section for which he is registering.
  • For foreign players, highest rating will be used.
  • For Canadians from outside Quebec, the highest of those three ratings will be used : FQE, FIDE, CFC.
  • A cadet from outside Quebec must provide a proof of age.
  • A player who has not paid his registration or FQE/CFC membership before the second round will not be paired.
  • Chess boards and pieces provided.
  • Clocks for rent on site ($5 per game).
  • Half-point byes available for rounds 1 and 2 if requested before the start of the tournament.
  • 0-point byes for rounds 3,4,5.
  • Players who arrive more than 30 minutes late lose by default.
  • No cellphones, or technology devices in general, are allowed on site.
  • Only digital clocks which can respect the tournament time control are allowed.
  • All costs and fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD).
  • Players from the US can pay the registration fees in USD.
  • An unrated played cannot win more than $100 and must play in section D. He can play in sections B or C by paying a play-up fee of $25.
  • Admissible rating is the last rating published by the FQE, the Monday before the tournament.
  • The estimated value of 10th Edition special prizes is $1,000.

Current edition of the FQE official rules

Rules specific to this tournament

Rules issued by the Tournament Director

Rules issued by the Arbiter

OASIS Circuit rules

Silence and manners are expected at all times in

the tournament room.